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Are Moles A Threat To Your Chickens?

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I live in a rural area and have lots of predators always coming around, but I feel I should take more action in protecting my chickens. Right now the local coyotes  are busy with the dense rabbit population and the mink busy fishing out in the creek during these summer months. The biggest problem I have is an invasion of moles and I’m worried that they might harm my chickens. The moles are not very close to my coop, so I’m considering myself lucky.

I invested over $40.00 in moles traps and I even bought a book about them. The book let me know right off that if I have moles its a good indicator that I have healthy soil.  I was relieved to hear that but I still wanted to try and get rid of them in case if my girls ever got too close to one.

After a couple days of trapping I realized how small moles actually are. Literally the size of a computer mouse or smaller. By spending all this time out with the girls I saw one of them digging up the ground. I went on setting my traps when one of the chickens went running right by me playing keep away from the others with what she had just caught. It was a mole!

I invested so much time, money, and pretty much creating a new hobby for myself only to find out that my chickens were not at harm at all! In fact the moles were the ones in danger. My chickens were already trapping for me so I didn’t have to (I guess this is why the moles had not moved close to the coop in the first place). I was curious so I began setting up wildlife cams to see what all my girls catch and dig up during the day. I was surprised to find that our chickens indulge themselves on nests of field mice, small gardner snakes, even baby rabbits… The list goes on and on. Needless to say I found that my chickens fend for themselves and didn’t need my help in the first place.

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Hen Protection

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Although it is relatively simple to build a coop to keep chickens in from scratch, many people simply don’t have the carpentry skills and prefer to purchase chicken coop kits instead. Most chicken coop kits come with all the necessary materials required for constructing the perfect home in which their hens will be safe.

However before purchasing a chicken coop kit, keep in mind the size of the garden and number of chickens the coop will host.

In many areas, if the chicken coop takes up more than 50% of the garden, permission may be needed from local authorities before constructing. Each chicken needs at least 2 sq feet of space and larger breeds may need at least 4 to 5 sq feet of space.

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Pet Chicken Health

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A decent and clean chicken coop is essential for the health of a chicken. Hen Fleas are a major health concern for many farmers: once infected the chickens will become restless and show agitation. This discomfort will make a broody hen so stressed that she may actually break her eggs.

Fleas are often found inside the chicken’s house, or sometimes in open ground. The owner may treat his birds with flea dusting powder in an attempt to control the infestation. A regular routine inspection of the chicken house and chickens is very important.

External parasites can be transmitted by wild birds, contact with infected chickens and rodents. As a result, implementing rules and regulations to inspect and to keep the chicken house clean will most likely guarantee a healthy and itch-free flock.

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