Solar FarmHow to make my chicken coop Solar/Battery Powered.

For a battery/solar power for your chicken door or coop we recommend that you have an DC to AC inverter and a 12v battery (The motor is 120v 60herts 19watts, same as an ordinary house outlet). The motor only operates twice a day and is drawing no power other than from the timer to operate throughout the day (Little electricity will be needed to operate).

Some customers that use a battery have said that they also use a reducer to slow down the motor due to the battery making it speed up the timers speed (This may or may not apply to you).

Every once in a while you may need to recharge it to keep the chickens from getting locked up or you can simply install a small solar panel to charge the battery over time.

We do not make any of these parts at this time, but an electronics store should be able to help you if you tell them what you have going on.

As for the Solar panel there are many different types, a common one is used to recharge small boats usually found at your local power sports store.

Check List:

1. 12v Battery (Not a marine battery)

2. DC to AC Inverter

3. Solar Panel – If needed

4. Reducer – If needed

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