Automatic Chicken Coop Door



Automatic Chicken Coop Door Stops:

  • Raccoons
  • Opossum
  • Mink
  • Weasels
  • Skunks
  • Fox
  • Coyote
  • Rats
  • Snakes
  • Mongoose
  • Hawks
  • Owls
  • Domestic Pets

How often do you rush home to lock the chickens up before something sneaks into the coop and kills them? 

Do you wake up early in the morning to an alarm to let your chickens out when you just want to sleep in?

We’ve designed an Automatic Chicken Coop Door that safely opens and closes automatically when you want it to. 

You can have the luxury of sleeping in and staying out late knowing that your flock is safe & secure. Our Motorized Chicken Coop Door gives poultry owners their lives back. 

For over 7 years Automatic Chicken Coop Door has provided kept chickens safe and gave poultry owners their lives back. No longer do chicken owners need to wake up early in the mornings or rush home in the evenings to lock up the poultry before a predator gets into the coop. A Chicken Coop Door will give chicken owners their lives back. Automatic Chicken Coop Door provides owner sanity to over 7,000 poultry owners just like you every day. 

 When designing this Automatic Chicken Coop Door, there were two key components we wanted to create for our customers. 

  1. We wanted to keep chickens safe.
  2. Make poultry owners lives easier.

So we set out to create our own door for our poultry (ducks, geese, guinea, pheasants, and chickens). We created several different designs. At this time their were no other chicken coop doors on the market. So with poultry safety in mind, we created the Automatic Chicken Coop Door. We made this chicken door to open and close automatically while doing so safely. We tested it against every kind of predator we could get our hands on and also making sure there is no possible way the door could hurt any of the chickens or other poultry passing through.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door prides itself on the fact that since production started in 2009, no predators have ever defeated our Automatic Chicken Coop Door design and harmed any chickens. You have found the BEST Automatic Chicken Door on the market!

About our Products:

Our electric Automatic Chicken Coop Door is constructed from high quality lumber. All products are hand crafted by a master carpenter here in the USA.

The sliding poultry door is made of the highest quality lumber and has been treated with linseed oil to protect the wood from moisture, rain, snow and other elements.

This means you can still stain or paint the door to any color you like, or go with the all natural wood look yet still have all the benefits of a preserved door that will function faithfully for years to come. All poultry can use our doors. 

Automatic Chicken Coop Door products are built with construction staples, screws, and construction grade wood glue adhesive. We prefer a very solid construction on our own coop so we build our products this way for our customers. Our Automatic Chicken Coop Door (Complete Kits) come with a free trim kit for the interior and exterior of the coop to help insulate the coop to give your motorized poultry door a professional look on your coop. The exterior tim kit has a tapered top edge so water will run off and away from your Motorized Chicken Coop Door.

Each automatic poultry door is individually tested & inspected before it leaves the facility. Automatic Chicken Coop Door wants their customers to have an easy installation and a good experience with their Automatic Chicken Coop Door products.

SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO INSTALL: View Installation Video

Why buy an Automatic Chicken Coop Door from us?

Automatic Chicken Coop Door donates a large amount of the money that comes in from the sales of these doors to provide humanitarian aid around the world. While protecting chickens here in the US & Canada, we are also changing lives around the world. Last year Automatic Chicken Coop Door donated over 15% of our annual sales to help build an orphanage and drill clean water wells in West Bengal India. Automatic Chicken Coop Door personally went of their own expense to India to ensure that every dollar of the money was spent to drill wells in the villages that needed it most. "We were saddened to find so many people suffering from such a simple need of clean drinking water. We drilled 11 drinking wells in villages and now the children there have a well reaching 350 ft deep to provide the cleanest water possible, which is unheard of in this part of the world." Automatic Chicken Coop Door also dug an irrigation well for this area because the land surrounding the orphanage was a sandy soil and crops could only be grown for no more than a few months out of the year and farmers were forced to leave their families to find work so they could feed them. Digging the irrigation well allowed the farmers to return to their homes and families. This was all possible because someone like you bought an Automatic Chicken Coop Door from us.

For a brief "Do it Yourself" on making your motorized chicken door solar powered, Click Here.