Automatic Chicken Coop Door


How to manage chicken health.

When farming/raising chickens, either on a ranch or in one’s yard, the health of the chicken should be a high priority. Healthy, comfortable chickens produce the best quality and the most delicious eggs. Ignoring the health or needs of the hens will certainly decrease the quality and number of the eggs. A good chicken coop will help keep the chickens healthy, and the eggs coming.

Chickens should not be exposed to harsh elements: they do not want to be too cold, too hot, or be wet and damp. Chickens that are penned in with just chicken wire will have to deal with all of these conditions, and are most likely to get sick.

A decent and clean chicken coop is essential for the health of a chicken. Hen Fleas are a major health concern for many farmers: once infected, the chickens will become restless and show agitation. This discomfort will make a broody hen so stressed that she may actually break her eggs.

Fleas are often found inside the chicken’s house, or sometimes in open ground. The owner may treat his birds with flea dusting powder in an attempt to control the infestation. To help manage chicken health a Chicken Dust Bath may be needed. A regular routine inspection of the chicken house and chickens is very important.

External parasites can be transmitted by wild birds, contact with infected chickens and rodents. As a result, implementing procedures to inspect and to keep the chicken house clean will most likely guarantee a healthy and itch-free flock.

In addition, chickens that have a poor coop structure run the risk of being injured or killed by hungry predators. Foxes, dogs, weasels, raccoons and other animals are all a great danger to your chickens, which is why a properly built chicken coop is extremely important to the health of a chicken.

Your coop should be a secure coop.  Especially at night, when the predators are out looking for a free meal.  You should Protect your Chickens from Predators. The door of your coop should always be shut at night.  An Automatic Chicken Coop Door is a great addition for your coop as it will ensure that your coop is locked up tight each night, even when you are not able to be there. Here is a tour of our coop to give you more ideas for chicken safety.

Having chickens and managing their health is an investment.  Not only is the purchase of the chicks an investment, but you’ve also invested your time, energy and emotions.  By taking a little extra time and effort, you can ensure that your chickens will live a long, healthy and happy life.  In return, they will be providing you with eggs to feed your family and friends for the next few years.

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