Automatic Chicken Coop Door


When will I receive my merchandise?

Your Electric Chicken Door shipment is labeled the very day you order it. It is then picked up and shipped USPS Priority mail & UPS standard every Mon, Wed, and Fri in the USA. The average delivery time is 2-6 business days at the most. Visit our "Contact Us" page if you’ve been waiting longer.

Your Electric Motor in an External Mounting Box (for flap door) shipment is labeled the very day you order it. It is then picked up and shipped USPS priority mail every Mon, Wed, and Fri in the USA. The average delivery time is 2-4 business days at the most. Visit our "Contact Us" page if you’ve been waiting longer.

Will you ship internationally?

The $25 we charge for UPS standard shipping is only within the U.S. (Additional charges may apply for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii). If you would like to purchase an ACCD Product, customs requires us to provide them with a phone number with international shipping. After we work with you to figure out the cheapest way to ship a PayPal money request (for the total of your package and shipping) will be sent to your email. Once payment is completed, your package is shipped the same day. *Shipping to Canada averages $30-50 USD. We do not profit from shipping, these are the charges from UPS & USPS.

What kind of warranty does the Electric Chicken Door Motor have?

The motor has a one year manufacturer warranty repair.  If for any reason the motor stops working it can be sent into us or our manufacturer for inspection & repair at 234W 166S Valparaiso, IN 46385 USA. During inspection we look for any signs of it being tampered with or dismantled. If it has not taken apart or modified we will repair the current motor or if it is deemed unrepairable, we will send you a new motor to replace it . Or you can contact our electric chicken coop motor manufacturer directly at and send your motor in to be repaired directly for repairs.

Can I Come pickup my door to save on shipping costs?

Yes. If you are close enough to Valparaiso, IN 46385 & you would like to pick up your items to save yourself from paying shipping costs you can email our staff at about a pickup time and location.

Need a replacement or single motor?

We now sell the motor itself on the home page of this site. This motor is model D20 and requires no counter weight, so you will not need any unnecessary weight stressing out your motor. It is also made here in the USA.

Single Motor Click Here.

How is the craftsmanship on the doors?

The poultry coop doors are constructed from thick, high quality plywood. The sliding door has been treated with linseed oil to protect the wood from water, rain and other elements. This means you can still stain the door to any color you like, or go with the all natural look yet still have the benefits of a preserved door that will function for years to come. The boards are put together with constrution staples which act like two nails each, and then finished with construction wood adhesive glue. It is likely, just nails would hold it together, but we prefer a solid construction on our own coop, so we want to provide the same quality to our customers. The Electric Automatic Poultry Door (Complete Kit) comes with a free trim kit for the exterior and interior. This helps hide any gaps or insulation that may be visible after its installation. The exterior trim kit also has a tapered top edge so water will run off and away from your Electric Automatic Chicken Door to protect your investment. All our carpentry is done here in USA.

Can I set up the chicken door motor for solar or battery power?

Yes, Solar requires Battery Backup.  For a battery back-up for your chicken door we recommend that you have an DC to AC inverter and a 12v battery. The motor is 120v 60herts 19watts. Some other people that use a battery have said that they also use a reducer to slow down the motor due to the battery power being too strong causing it speed the timer up faster than actual time. Every once in a while you may need to recharge it to keep the chickens from getting locked up. We do not make any of these parts at this time, but an electronics store should be able to help you if you tell them what you have going on.

For mor detail instructions visit our How to make you Coop Solar/Battery Powered

What are the spec’s for the Sliding Electric Chicken Door?

The spec’s of the door are 40 ½ in tall and the width fits in between 16in center studs (14 1/8in wide) and it fits inside a 2×4 frame. The opening for the door13 ¼W x 16 ¾H must be exact to prevent weather or anything else from getting through, to help with this we send the door with a cardboard template to help cut the perfect hole for the door. You will also need to remember to have a power source run to the door as well. The motor is 120volts 60herts 19watts.

What is the Flap Door/Already Built Design?

The flap design is something we did for the people who already have a door that they want automatic, or their coop is too small for our other unit. The flap design is only a motor mounted in an external wood box with predrilled holes for easy mounting along with a timer for automatic operation. Our customers use these in many different ways. It can be mounted above your flap door outside the coop and its string tied to a hole in the bottom of the door to lift it. Some customers also mount it on the inside of their coop tying it to top of their already built sliding door, making it automatic as well. There are also customers that said they used it to open the flap on their feeders so the chickens only eat a certain times. There are many purposes for this design and you can easily modify it for any purpose that you may have.

How do I replace a broken string on my Automatic Chicken Coop Door?

Common maintenance of the Automatic Chicken Coop Door includes replacing the string that lifts and lowers the door. This is a cheap and easy fix. The only tools you will need are a screw driver and a knife. Also three and a half feet (at most) of fishing line (10 pound test line or higher recommended).

Here is a link to our Youtube Video that includes How To Replace the String in a step by step process along with directions for setting the actuators (black dial) of the motor. These tell how high and low to reel the door. Without setting this the door may reel up too high all over again causing the motor to urn up. It is extremely important that these be set as well.

How easy is it to install?

The average person should be able to install our door in fifteen minutes or less. You can view our installation video under the “Installation Video” tab at the top of the screen. All our products come ready to install. No hassle of gluing or nailing the products together yourself.

Here is a link to our Installation Video!

How can I get my pictures onto the site?

If you wish to have pictures of our door on your coop up on the site, you can send them to along with a brief feedback message and your name.

Or simply post them on our 

Click Here to see customer installations!

How can I veiw feedback on your doors and see customer installation pictures?

At the top of the screen there is a “Chicken stories” tab, a drop down tab will appear called "Coop Showcase". This will supply you with testimonials on our doors.  That same tab also includes pictures of various types of coops with our doors operating on them.

Click Here to see customer installations!

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